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Be You, Be Beautiful - Championing Body Positivity

Anon Lingerie was founded on the ethos that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and beautiful bodies need equally beautiful lingerie. To celebrate and promote our ethos we have launched our Be You, Be Beautiful campaign to promote Body Positivity and to better reflect the diverse range of shapes and sizes that our customers come in.

To launch the Be You, Be Beautiful, we invited men and women of all shapes and sizes to come strut their stuff in some of our lingerie ranges. It was a positively beautiful event and helped some of the people involved overcome personal issues relating to their body types and confidence, which is one of the goals of the campaign: to help people be comfortable being who they are.

Check out our beautiful ladies and gentlemen below, and read what they had to say about being involved in our Be You, Be Beautiful campaign.


Alison in Elomi Sachi Bra

I'm 37 with 2 boys age 10 and 18. I've recently lost a lot of weight and, although I've a long way to go yet, I'm super proud of myself.

For years I've hated the way I look, I've had my confidence knocked massively through failed relationships where I've been made to think there's something wrong with me. I've suffered depression and anxiety for years, and had a breakdown 2 years ago which really made me realise that something had to change.

I quit the job I was unhappy in and decided to get my health back on track. In 2016 I underwent a total hip replacement on my left hip, that alone changed my life massively. Unfortunately my right hip deteriorated quickly and I'm due a 2nd hip replacement. Needless to say, all the stress made me feel back to square one.

I saw the advert to model for the Be You, Be Beautiful but yet again I had a "who would want to look at me in underwear?" moment. Encouraged by friends I thought "why not?", and went for it. It's single handedly the scariest and most liberating thing I've ever done!

I now know that I am good enough and I look great just the way I am! At a size 20 and a bra size 40DD, I'm no longer ashamed and I had a great day modelling and once I got into it, the fear went. I'm so glad I decided to bite the bullet and go for it because it's worked wonders for my confidence!

This photo shoot gave me the confidence boost that I needed. It was a great day with gorgeous underwear with equally gorgeous and amazing shop owners. Thank you! xxx


Clare - Fantasie Sainte Maxine Black

I have never been more self-conscious in my life than when I did the photoshoot, but when the pictures were released, and after the support I was given, I have found my confidence! The lingerie I wore in the shoot made me feel like a new and very special woman, and definitely more confident than I've ever felt.

I have overcome my personal fears to hopefully help other women find their confidence and realise that beauty does indeed come in all shapes, sizes and confidence levels!

Thank you so much to the Anon Lingerie team!


Edele - Elomi Anushka Bra Teal

Anon Lingerie stock an amazing range of underwear and I always feel confident knowing the staff are there to find my perfect fit. When I found out they were doing a campaign to help promote body positivity I wanted to take part to help others appreciate their own bodies.

Taking part in the photoshoot with a bunch of incredible ladies was an amazing opportunity and we had such a laugh together. All of us felt nervous and had our own issues to overcome, but, like the rest of the ladies, I came away feeling so confident and proud of what we all achieved!


Keely - Fantasie Sienna Elecric Blue

I am 20 and 32/34F and I decided to model for Anon as I wanted to overcome anxiety about my body and see how far out of my comfort zone I could go. I knew the staff were lovely and friendly from what I had been told by friends so I thought to myself "what have I got to lose?"

Participating in the campaign for Anon has helped me learn how to accept my body, while still being me and eating what I want. I never thought I would model lingerie but then I pushed what I thought were my limits and now I love it. I'd happily do it every day if Anon needed me as you know the non-photoshopped pictures on their website and social media pages are helping someone, somewhere slowly accept themselves for who they are.

Looking back on the experience, I have learnt that no matter what shape or size you are you can feel amazing in your own skin and can look damn good in lingerie. It has helped remind me that people can never look like the heavily edited model photos in magazines as even the models don't look like that in real life.

Real people come in all shapes and sizes, with rolls, wrinkles and the rest!


Lisa - Passionata Longline Bra Mint Green

Love lingerie?? I certainly do and so too do these lovely ladies at Anon. Asked to model and strut my stuff .. What me? No way!! Don’t be silly!!! Apprehensive and scared at first but whether it be catwalk or photo shoot sessions in my smalls has made me feel confident, sexy (if that’s possible.. sure anything is!!) and above all loving the body I’m in!

I would like to say a big thanks to the lovely Rebecca and Amanda at Anon Lingerie... you are both ace and amazing and that's how I feel too thanks to you!!!





Vicky - Fantasie Balcony Belle White

My name is Victoria and I am 32 and I am a 34FF. I've never been slim and have always been curvy but I feel there is a lack of representation of curvy girls in the media so when I heard about the shoot I was very tempted to take part.

I was so excited and slightly nervous to take part in the shoot. I am a mummy to 3 beautiful children but they took a toll on my body. I have a kangaroo pouch and tiger stripes and have been quite self-conscious about them until recent years where I have learned to embrace and love them, after all they are the signs of the greatest blessing in my life.

The photo shoot made me feel amazing and I loved the underwear, which was such an amazing fit. The staff are pretty awesome too.


Yuni - Passionata Gloria Push Up Bra Red

I would like to express the immense gratitude that I feel towards Rebecca and the girls that I had the pleasure to meet and to share this journey with.

The photo shoot is a shout-out to every single woman out there that feels that they don’t belong or don’t fit in this society or in a simple bra. You will find in Anon more than the perfect fit, you will find support, understanding and a friend for life.

Thank you xx