Come join us in our attempt to break a world record and raise money and awareness for two amazing causes.

Most people in one place wearing underwear

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Animals Asia
Macmillan Cancer Support
The idea for this (ever so slightly crazy) world record attempt started mid this year over a cuppa with my mum!  I was telling her, that everyday I feel like I get too caught up my own life and that I wanted to take some time to find a way to give back to charity. 
Its my big 30th next year and my little shop is turning 10 (where has time gone!?) and I was explaining that I’d love to do something HUGE to raise LOADS of money for charity to mark both of these occasions.
Randomly and completely out of the blue she suggested that we try to break a world record, how about ‘The most people in one place in lingerie’ she said…
So here we are! Six months later and up to our eyeballs in planning! 
We have created ‘Dare to Bear 2020’ – look what you’ve done mum! 
But we do love a challenge! . . . 
Animals Asia
The first charity that we chose to raise money for with the world record attempt is Animals Asia. 
Most of our customers know that me and my sister LOVE animals! (We’ve actually had customers drop sickly rescue animals off at the shop for us to try help nurse them back to health!)
If I’m honest I actually discovered Animals Asia by accident whilst watching a Simon Reeves documentary. He was filming for his Tropic of Cancer series in Vietnam – When he came across some industrial buildings which were being used for bear bile farming. 
I will never forget what I saw on TV that night, it actually broke my heart. I couldn’t stop crying, the cruelty is unimaginable and I knew that I had to try help and do something about it!
Fate played its course the very next day. Whilst chatting with a customer/friend of mine (the lovely Jo!) I told her about what I had seen and how much it had upset me, she told me about how she already supports Animals Asia! She explained about all the incredible work they do as a charity!! 
What they do really is fantastic and if you have a spare minute you should check them out –www.animalsasia.org
Jo is actually going to visit one of the bear sanctuaries in Vietnam later this year! (Watch out for the pictures and blog about that!) 
Needless to say Jo is now involved in helping us break the world record too!! – Cheers Jo!!
Macmillan Cancer Support
The second charity that we are raising money for is MacMillian Cancer Support. This charity and its wonderful work is well known by so many people, so I feel less of an introduction is required BUT it is certainly no less important!
Over the last 9 years of running Anon Lingerie we have met so many magnificent people who have been affected by cancer. We have seen and experienced first hand the devastating effect it can have on families and friends… including my own. 
We know that this charity does some absolutely amazing things so choosing to raise funds for them was a pretty simple decision! 
Have a spy at them here- www.macmillan.org.uk