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17th April 2020

Guest blog: Melissa’s favourite maternity bras

So firstly, there’s nowhere else I’d go for a bra than Anon. Without naming names, I’ve genuinely tried everywhere else and never had the right fit. Things changed for me when I went to Anon and Becky served me, she guessed my size without even touching me and got it right first time. So when I fell pregnant I couldn’t wait to explore Anon’s nursing range. I’d had a couple of dodgy nursing bras from a well known high street store that I bought in a hurry and they just weren’t supporting me, I felt frumpy and that made me grumpy! This time round I was measured by nursing bra expert Amanda who was equally amazing. Every one that works at Anon have this amazing ability to make you feel like you’re at home which is so important especially for those of us who are self conscious.

Anyway, about the bras I chose!

I found it hard to narrow down my choices because Anon are able to order pretty much anything you want, so even if they don’t have it in store, they can always get it. The guys know me quite well now (just simply from being a customer!) and they know I love black/dark underwear, simple shapes and the odd lace or mesh trim.

  1. Panache non-wired lace bra – Sophie, £31

I’m told this is their best-selling nursing bra! I loved this for the simple reason that I could wear it at home and feel like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! Those of you who have breastfed will know that it’s not possible to go commando or you’re asking for leakage! So if you’re used to something non-wired or just simply want something that will give you control but comfort while you go about your day then this is the one for you.

  1. Second favourite, Freya flexi wire nursing bra – Pure, £38

This bra is amazing and has had the most use out throughout my breastfeeding journey. The combination of fexiwire with the breathable moulded cups is just an absolute winner and another stroke of genius from my favourite brand, Freya. Plus, for me it was a nice T-shirt bra option that gave me clean lines under my top but still made me still feel elegant and girly with the little lace trim detail. When I say moulded, this isn’t your traditional moulded bra, it’s one simple, breathable, almost spongy mesh-like layer that skims your skin perfectly and also breast pads stick to these perfectly!! Because the fabric on the cup is so comfortable and stretchy it means the cups adjust with your boobs as they change in size throughout the day. When baby was due for a feed and I felt really full, this bra supported me properly at every stage and still supported me properly after feeds too. The breathable fabric continues around the back too which only adds to your comfort by keeping you cool (especially important if you’re having a baby in the height of summer!). I’ve ended up with 5 of these because they’ve been the perfect everyday, all occasion bra. I mixed it up by ordering black and nude so I had some to wear under light coloured clothes too. It’s really important to say that you can also wear this bra when pregnant too because the flexiwire is safe so this bra will take you right through! If you’re like me and you’re not used to wearing anything but a wired bra then invest in these while you’re pregnant and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Third favourite, Hot Milk – Temptation, £45.99

I discovered this one in the later stages of breastfeeding when I was (finally) well established with feeding, baby is now 9 months old and I alternate this bra with the Freya bras day to day but I have to admit I cheer when this one is clean and ready to wear. It’s high up in my ranks because you’d never know it’s a nursing bra! The design disguises its functionality perfectly and although nobody really sees your underwear it’s about how you feel and this bra made me feel ‘normal’ again. The lace design on the cups is so elegant and overall the bra just gives you the best, most natural shape bust ever. Although its a lace cup it’s low profile means I can wear this comfortably with T-shirt’s and it’s still smooth under all my tops! Two really great additions are the thicker straps for support which don’t look frumpy as they’re structured by additional lace! Secondly is the hooks at the back, normally you get three, maybe 4 sizes/alterations to choose from in most bras but this one comes with SIX! If you’re nursing for the first time believe me when I say you’ll need this, your back size changes dramatically especially at the start but as you gradually lose more weight and your ribs adjust then this is perfect.


If you don’t want to go as crazy as me and buy all three bras then go for the Hot Milk and the Freya, just get one of each as you’ll need more than one anyway. They’re both perfect all rounders. I’ve chosen these because I’m an underwear addict but also they’re great for all occasions and uses, they make you feel nice and normal again which you just don’t get with high street nursing / maternity bras. At a time when you don’t feel nice in your clothes these bras cheered me up and made me feel better because I felt comfortable and well structured underneath my baggy post natal clothes!

Whatever you go for, you’re in safe hands at Anon ❤️

Words by Melissa Hinchliff ❤️