Trying to work out my bra size online was completely baffling, made worse by the fact that according to online sites I was wearing completely, and I mean completely the wrong size. I had used about 6 different online bra calculators and each had given me a different size, not one the same as my current bra. Being fitted for a bra is quite nerve wracking. But my sister had had a great experience from our local independent shop and recommended I should go too. Wow, I wish I hadn’t left it so long. Becky instantly made me feel at ease. She was so knowledgeable and no tape measure in sight. I was indeed wearing the wrong size. I was wearing about 2 bands bigger than I actually am, and 4 cup sizes smaller than I actually, omg! I left the shop with 2 fabulous bras and the best shopping experience with outstanding customer service I have ever received. I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know. I shall be moving to Shropshire later this year, but whenever I visit family and need new lingerie, I WILL pop in. I entered the shop feeling nervous and left feeling totally confident. Thank you Becky you have made me feel fabulous xx