Hello! I’ve just got home and my smile couldn’t be bigger! I can’t believe how happy my experience in your shop today has made me. It’s by far the BEST lingerie buying experience and service I’ve ever had and to top it off you had what I wanted in stock. If I could’ve designed the perfect nursing bra it would’ve looked exactly like the one I’ve walked out with. I know everybody has different requirements but looking round your store at the selection you have I didn’t see a single thing I wouldn’t buy. I also really want the bra I initially tried (the non-nursing bra I tried just for size) so I will be coming back for that when the time is right. Just wanted to thank you for everything, it’s difficult to pinpoint one amazing thing because I’m just so chuffed with everything (your expertise, you knew my size right away!, the products you stock, the size range/availability, the brands available etc etc). I can’t believe you’ve been on my doorstep this whole time – I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my bras now. I also can’t wait til the black version of my new bra arrives next week. Thank you so much!