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We can’t wait to see you all again! We have missed you so much! 

It makes us sad that we are having to be more structured by bringing in an appointment system but due to the new government guidelines the only way we can reopen is to provide a safe environment for everyone. 
Please also know that this is all very new to us so there may be a few hiccups on the way, please ‘bare with us!’ – no pun intended! Haha
Most of all we are going to miss you guys dropping in to say hi as you pass! Please feel free to message us at any time! We always love to hear from you! Chatting with our Anon family makes our day!

So how is all this going to work:

  • Customers will not be allowed in to the shop without a face mask. You can either bring your own mask, or alternatively, we can provide one at the cost of £1 per mask. Also, we will have a hand sanitizing station at the door and customers will be required to use this. 
  • Only one customer per appointment unless this is an adult accompanying a minor for their bra fitting or a carer. If this causes any difficulties please ring the shop (01422 379681) to discuss and we will accommodate where possible. 
  • Due to the financial impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our business, please note that if you are purely coming to establish your bra size there will be a £10 fee. HOWEVER if you buy a bra this fee will be offset against the purchase. 
  • Where ever possible we will be avoiding physical contact with our customers and maintaining the 2 meter rule.
  • All surfaces, handles and changing rooms will be cleaned in between customers and bras will be ‘quarantined’ after being tried on for the government recommended period. All staff will be taking the relevant precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. 
  • We highly recommend booking an appointment, we may be able to accommodate walk-ins but only if there is an appointment free at that time. 
  • We are still providing online fittings so if you feel uncomfortable coming in to the shop please get in touch with us! 
  • If you just want to re-order a bra or you’ve seen a bra that you like on our social media just give us a call or message us on Facebook and we can action this without an appointment. 
  • Appointments for collection of garments will be made when we ring you to let you know when the bra has arrived please don’t book these online!