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How this works...

We have found that by running an appointment system we can provide you with a much more tailored shopping experience…. Whilst being able to organise our day around these. All you need to do is bring yourself along at your allotted time, relax in our changing room and we will bring the lingerie to you! We have two types of appointments to choose from:

Specialist Fitting Service

This is a thirty-minute appointment which allows us the time to establish your correct bra size and then find the perfect bra for you.

We have found that this amount of time works well, but rest assured, if we haven’t found your perfect match within that time, we will extend this.

Shopping Appointment

If you know your bra size – this is the appointment for you!

We allow twenty minutes for you to try on all the lingerie in your size until you find the one for you. Again, if we haven’t found your perfect match within that time, we will extend this for you.


We miss you guys dropping in to say hi as you pass, and we also realise that we can’t always be “that” organised. So, whilst we recommend booking an appointment, we are still able to accommodate walk-ins if we have a changing room free.

If you just want to re-order a bra or you’ve seen a bra that you like on our social media just give us a call or message us on Facebook and we can action this without an appointment.

If you are just wanting to collect pre-ordered lingerie – Drop in!

We always look forward to seeing you

Team Anon