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5th November 2023

13 year fundraiser went down a storm . . . Literally!

We picked the 20th-21st October for our fundraiser weekend (The shops official birthday is the 20th) and typically the weather took a turn for the worse!

On the Friday storm Babet hit in full force and quite literally drenched our girls! Even our trusty waterproof ponchos couldn’t protect them from the elements! 

The girls refused to quit! Fuelled by tea, coffee & buns they kept going all day to raise vital funds for Overgate Hospice!

Although lots of cars didn’t want to stop & open their windows (who can blame them!) the girls still managed to come back inside with rattling buckets!

By the Saturday the weather had thankfully perked up, we even managed to get little Mabel the dog involved!

We had over 60 customer appointments across both days. The support from you guys was incredible – as always 🙂 

The total raised for Overgate Hospice (so far) is approx £1600 We honestly cannot thank everyone who donated enough! Have a look at the fantastic work your money will go towards here:


We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the beautiful Anon girls for their fantastic fundraising effort, to all our wonderful customers for your endless support & to everyone who donated! You are all FANTASTIC! WE LOVE YOU!


A huge thank you to my friends & family for all their help setting up for the fundraiser/making the weekend run smoothly! Especially Kerry who worked all hours helping to get everything in order, you are a good little egg 🙂